Helen Shulman

I offer workshops in the use of cold wax medium with oil paint. These deal with the basics of layering; adding textures both physical and visual; incorporating collage elements; adding other materials such as sand, pan pastels, inks, etc. Various compositional conventions are discussed and tried.

The workshops are structured with demos and individual work time, individual and group feedback and discussion.

I have been using cold wax in my own painting for a number of years. I have studied with Rebecca Crowell and my work is cited in Cold Wax Medium, Techniques, Concepts and Conversations by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLauglin.

"knowing the path is not the same as putting one foot in front of the other"

MC Richards.


Sept 15th at West Branch Gallery, Stowe VT.  To register call West Branch at 802-253-8943


Nov, 2nd 3rd and 4th co-teaching with Lia Rothstein at AVA Gallery and Art Center, Lebanon, NH Details will be posted as soon as they are available!